Experience Abruzzo among: History, Religion, Food and Wine and Mountain.
It will be a unique experience in this enchanting region.

Food and wine tours

For geographic conformation and traditions, Abruzzo is among the regions where the products of the earth, besides having ancient origins, are a wealth both for those who produce them and for whom taste them.

Wine Routes

Follow the wine routes and immerse yourself in the life of campaign, discover ancient processing techniques, you will know pretty villages: Colonnella, Controguerra Colonnella, Nereto, Torano are all united by Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Trebbiano d'Abruzzo are the 2 vines of the local wine production.

Oil Routes

If you are looking for unparalleled flavors, Abruzzo offers you routes to discover and enjoy. The Oil Roads are paths between the olive groves of our hills, where a truly exceptional oil is produced, and at the same time you can cross villages and spectacular landscapes.
The local oil is mostly extracted in the traditional way from small crushers of the area and obtained the PDO assignment (Protected Designation of Origin) PRETUZIANO DELLE COLLINE TERAMANE, with a greenish-yellow color and a medium fruity taste with a spicy bitter taste.


The Festivals are the right key to open the treasure chest of beauty and flavors kept in Abruzzo. In the inland areas we find meat and cheese, while on the coast the main character is fish. You will discover a world of unique flavors linked to the culinary tradition and with the occasion you can visit the architectural jewels kept in the historical centers.


The Abruzzo cuisine is one of the most appreciated culinary traditions of the peninsula. It offers a vast variety of dishes, in which ingredients of both pastoral and seafaring origin are found. The morphology of the region has favored a long isolation and this has allowed its recipes to develop and maintain original and exclusive characteristics. Typical Abruzzese products are: red garlic and Sulmona confetti, sheep's roast meats linked to the pastoral tradition, Atri's licorice, Campotosto mortadella, Navelli's saffron, Teramo's scrippelle... the dry pasta that is exported all over the world.

Cycling tours

If you are a lover of bike, in Abruzzo it is possible to make different routes between plains, hills and mountains by pedaling through historical centers, medieval villages or directly on the sea.
Abruzzo can easily be the ideal destination for every type of cyclist. An extraordinary offer of routes and itineraries will satisfy your desire to ride.

Adriatic Cycle Route

A bike path of about 60 km that combines Martinsicuro with Pescara where the protagonist of this path is the Adriatic Sea.

Discovering hermitages on mountain bike

Long rides inside a wild and uncontaminated nature, history, art and culture.
On the imposing Majella Massif, the Mother Mountain for the Abruzzesi, about forty among hermitages and abbeys, for the most part made of bare stone, await you for an immersive and exciting experience.

The "little Tibet" of Campo Imperatore on Bmx

To the south east of the Gran Sasso is a large plateau, Campo Imperatore, with an altitude varying between 2100 and 1400 meters. Campo Imperatore is connected, through a series of small valleys and elevations, to the Piana di Navelli, a large plateau south-east of the Conca Aquilana. Among these natural beauties, also of the villages that are historical jewels: Calascio with its Fortress, Castel del Monte and Santo Stefano di Sessanio. As it is easy to guess, pedaling here means to deal with the climbs.

Naturalistic tours

Gran Sasso National Park

The mountains of the Park present a varied and interesting landscape in which alternate round peaks, typical of the Apennines, on slopes with a typical alpine appearance.
The Park's fauna offers examples of exceptional value like the chamois of Abruzzo, the Marsican brown bear, the wolf, the deer and the golden eagle.

Gorges of Salinello

The Gorges of Salinello are a protected natural area to protect the deep gorges created by the flow of the Salinello river, between the Gemelli mountains, characterized by springs, waterfalls, streams and ponds.

Badlands of Atri

These geological formations originate from the erosion of the clayey soil that make many marine fossils visible. The inside of the protected area is characterized by a very varied environment: ditches, ponds, wooded patches, cultivated fields and reforestation alternate continuously, forming a palette of amazing colors.

Stiffe Caves

The Caves of Stiffe are a spectacular karst phenomenon characterized by the presence of an underground stream formed by the waters coming from the Rocche plateau which then sinks into the Pozzo Caldaio at 2,600 m from the mouth of the cave. The stream re-emerges inside the cavity, creating suggestive rapids and waterfalls.

Historical and cultural tours

Ascoli Piceno

It is a beautiful medieval city, considered among the most monumental in Italy. Dotted by towers and bell towers and wrapped in the warm golden color of travertine, which covers almost the entire historic center.


It is the ancient Interamnia, the Roman "city between the two rivers". It is located 20 km from the Adriatic coast and 40 from the Gran Sasso. It is a city full of history and charm, founded at the time of the Phoenicians and still rich in archaeological remains and findings that testify to the passage of various peoples. Its monuments recall the different dominations, from Francesco Sforza to Alfonso d'Aragona, from the Spaniards to the French, up to the Kingdom of Naples in the nineteenth century.


It is among the most ancient cities of Abruzzo; is a city full of monuments, art treasures, archaeological sites and museums. Its monument-symbol is the Cathedral Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, a national monument. The many churches of the historic center, the ducal palace, the theater are worth a visit.

Civitella del Tronto

Perched on a summit, Civitella del Tronto stands out in the landscape with its fortifications that with its historic center well-preserved make it count among the Most beautiful villages of Italy.

To visit:
The Fortress: is one of the largest and most majestic military engineering works in Europe, it consists of architectures of various eras articulated on different levels, connected by ramps and develops its constructions from an elliptical plan that occupies and covers the entire area.